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Your teacher

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Me singingI have 5 years of experience in teaching singing to people from a wide variety of backgrounds and ability levels. Having performed professionally for 14 years, at venues including large theatres and festivals, I understand the many techniques that go into engaging a live audience, large or small. I really enjoy introducing these methods to budding performers, and watching them increasingly overwhelm audiences with their talents. I have had years of private tutoring in singing performance and theory myself, as well as a degree in theatre, specialising in audience studies.

My love of singing developed at the tricky age of 13, when belting out songs enabled me to release the struggles I had been keeping to myself. Because of this, some of my favourite work has been the teaching of complete beginners, and those who have difficulties with confidence. I want to offer you the opportunity to be guided by a tutor who is patient, non-judgemental and entirely supportive of your journey.

My availability

I am currently available in North London on weekdays from 1pm and Sundays. My last sessions on Mondays and Tuesdays are 9-10pm, and for the rest of the week the last sessions are 6-7pm.

I tend to travel to the homes of my students, so please let me know if you’re interested but this set-up is really unsuitable for you. I will do my best to arrange an accessible teaching room for you.