Tolu Agbelusi


There are women who write to channel passion, who build castles of words for redemption or weave poetry like tapestries to show us the bigger picture of the world, with all its loose ends, in a beautifully truthful light. If you imagine all of these wondrous writers in one person, you’ve got Tolu, a multitalented playwright and performance poet. It’s hard enough growing up as a creative in a cut throat, individualist environment, and I can imagine the culture shock of moving to England as a young woman is an immensely tough struggle.

Tolu didn’t immediately find solace in poetry; she found it drab until her horizons were broadened by the poets she chose to study for her French coursework. However the lightbulb moment happened when she started to read Maya Angelou. If you haven’t heard of this literary icon, she is a like a maternal scribe for thousands of women across the world. Tolu experienced the release of engaging with the heart and soul of Angelou’s words; quite a contrast to many of the academic works we’re exposed to at school.

Having been touched by the human, vulnerable face of poetry, Tolu gradually began to write her own verses, which have now evolved into masterpieces. Collaborating with visual artists, she is developing a stunning poetry show about the way we perceive the notion of home, called Home Is. She’s especially looking at how displacement affects this concept, and how the idea of home intertwines with our journeys. She will also be delivering workshops and shows in living rooms, schools and venues, hoping to open up the space for women to share the ‘experiences that often stay locked up’. This project is called Conversations With My Sisters. Poetry has provided her with a catharsis that she is determined to introduce others to. What a legend, seriously.

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